Natural nutrition chelation at home

Bill Allin is the director of Nutek Health Systems, and the Cottage Clinic. He is a world renowned expert in functional nutrition and life extension. He trains medical professionals and lay people alike in a fascinating and revolutionary approach to health and better living.  He also consults with a range of naturopaths, medical doctors, and chiropractors.

Bill Allin is a Master Herbalist and is certified by the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Advanced Live Cell Microscopy, and by the Holistic University of Arizona in Clinical Hematology, and Clinical Homeopathy. For over 30 years Bill has been a leader in life extension and functional nutrition. Today he spends most of his time teaching and writing.

Bill Allin believes that the Eastern “cause and effect” philosophy is easily integrated into our western way of life. He integrates functional nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine with western allopathic practices. He effectively deals with the root cause of disease, rather than treat the symptoms alone – the way western medicine does. This way of healing results in a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit.


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