Faster weight loss with metabolic detox using hair analysis

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Metabolic detox     has become the buzzword of the 21st-century words like anti-aging detox vacation seemed to go together. We see them everywhere. Advertisement on TV in the mailbox every day there is another promotion available for weight loss at some medical specialty spa.

They all seem to offer something new something special. We call it the flavor of the month syndrome, what they all seem to miss is that the metabolic detoxification is really the key to reset the internal thermostat in the body and detoxify all of the waste that have not been purified and illuminated by the normal pathways.

The reason that most people seem to have so many problems losing weight and keeping it off is probably the biggest challenge of all, becaus...

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Retirement and congestive Heart Failure

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congestive heart failure and chelating

the problem today is accumulated toxins and heavy metals exacerbate genetic predispositions.

What i see in the marketplace today is that seniors plan for their retirement to their total exclusion of the health consideration,

– generic start to manifest negatively at 40+

– prevention is 10 times easier than curing a health problem

-prevention is 20 times easier than curing a genetic weakness that has been allowed to take hold

Health prevention is expensive when looking at the retirement dollars that will allow additional expenditures.

everyone notices the decline in health after 40 – aches, pains, slower, weaker, muscle loss, belly storage, chronic, tired, loss of brain of function, loss of sexual des...

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Heart Disease

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The Natural Way to Treat Heart Disease

If you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arterial plaque, diabetes, leg and chest pains, you know you have the first signs of heart disease. These symptoms have to be treated – or the chances of getting a heart attack will be high.

Normally statin drugs are given to those with high cholesterol levels. These drugs have dangerous side effects on the body. Blocked arteries are cleared with a bypass operation which involves stopping the heart, while the blockages are removed. How risky is that?

Our treatment is completely different from this. We use a natural cure to clear arteries, reduce high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels...

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Diabetes control with nutrition program

now available with guaranteed results ….custom program based on metabolic type and integrated blood type diet ,
weight loss guaranteed as a positive side effect

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Diabetes Solution

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Lose 10 lbs in 10 days

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fibromyalgia,Syndrome X, chelation therapy


 If you suffer from fibromyalgia,or Syndrome X, you know how helpless and weak you feel. Your muscles, ligaments and tendons cause you pain and stiffness, and you feel numb all over. You have trouble sleeping; you suffer from poor memory and concentration. And you could even have depression, tension, migraine headaches, and pain in your jaw and abdomen..

The problems are more complicated by the lack of respect your condition receives from the medical profession.

Conventional medicines

Even today, doctors don’t know what causes fibromyalgia,Sydrome X. It could be any number of reasons – accidents, injuries, surgery, other illnesses or infections, emotional trauma, or stress.

As of today there is no cure for fibromyalgia,or Syndrome X, only things you can do to ma...

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call 905 274 2608    to see if you are at risk!

call 905 274 2608    to see if you are at risk!

USE IT OR LOSE IT is often said in anti-ageing

Treat  your health like a retirement fund. Start early. Show slow, steady growth is easy to measure in a bank account and not so easy in a health account. Our culture takes for granted aches, pain, arthritis, elevated cholesterol are all managed by medications. The medical profession distributes medication like candy and big pharma is inventing new diseases almost daily and offering you the ability to live the perfect chemical life.

Drug-free people are healthy people. Stay fit, lean, active. Fat people do not grow old gracefully...

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