chelation and congestive heart failure

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congestive heart failure and chelating

the problem today is accumulated toxins and heavy metals exacerbate genetic predispositions.

What i see in the marketplace today is that seniors plan for their retirement to their total exclusion of the health consideration,

– generic start to manifest negatively at 40+

– prevention is 10 times easier than curing a health problem

-prevention is 20 times easier than curing a genetic weakness that has been allowed to take hold

Health prevention is expensive when looking at the retirement dollars that will allow additional expenditures.


everyone notices the decline in health after 40 – aches, pains, slower, weaker, muscle loss, belly storage, chronic, tired, loss of brain of function, loss of sexual desire, less interest in exercise and daily activities.

USE IT OR LOSE IT is often said in aging

Treat  your health like a retirement fund. Start early. Show slow, steady growth is easy to measure in a bank account and not so easy in a health account. Our culture takes for granted aches, pain, arthritis, elevated cholesterol are all managed by medications. The medical profession distributes medication like candy and big pharma is inventing new diseases almost daily and offering you the ability to live the perfect chemical life.

Drug-free people are healthy people. Stay fit, lean, active. Fat people do not grow old gracefully. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cancer, depression are all made more prominent in a fat body. 30 years ago, men average 10% body fat; women averaged 20%; today men are averaging 15-18 ; women average 28-32%.

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